Mid November

Just wanted to do a quick blog entry about my week so far. It’s the middle of November already, and Christmas is round the corner! Time flies :)

Deepavali Gathering
Went to my oldest friend’s house for Deepavali dinner, her mom cooks the best Indian cuisine ever. Absolutely loved the decorations and ambience, and the food especially – mutton curry, some dhall curry, curried eggplant and briyani rice omgosh just writing about it now is making me drool! Anyway, we had an awesome time chatting, photographing and eating and toward the end we both went to the pantry and sampled all the sweet meats and snacks like cupcakes, muruku and cookies can just sit there all day and snack haha.

Zouk Night
With the girls Venetia and Ai Lee too bad there were so few of us but nevertheless we had so much fun. Thought it was ladies’ night but since it’s a public holiday the next day they charged cover fees which was OK la just masuk only. The best part about going to clubs with girls only is that we get to dance like crazy and I mean… really crazy!! And I was totally sober that night coz just had one rum coke :)

Danced with so many people, all of them we don’t know but just dance only lah. Music brings people together! Hehe, and towards the end of the night, Ven got quite cosy with someone quite hot which was awesome! He brought business cards with him which is a pretty good idea! We left the club about 3:00AM and I was affected with tinnitus the entire night and two days later, I still had tinnitus! Maybe coz I already wasn’t feeling well with the sinus attack so that was why my ringing in the ears was even worse than normal. Then my ears returned to normal already, thank God otherwise I would think I’m on the way to becoming deaf.

Shopping Day
Went MV with mom to do some window shopping and basically spend quality time together which I missed so much! Last time, when younger we really do spend a lot of time going shopping together both mom and I are like each other’s shopping buddy but then when I grew up, things got busier and busier and I hardly have time to shop with mom. Then also she likes to go shopping with her friends, maybe we both different taste haha! So end of the shopping trip, end up mom didn’t get anything and I got a super cheap yukata (Japanese summer kimono) complete with the obi and bow for only RM30 from Jusco! Was so so so happy with the purchase, now just thinking where to wear this yukata to. Maybe wear to clubbing next time hahaha!

Lazy Sunday
Spent today with baby at some really nice and cosy cafe in Sierra Mas, of all things there I ordered fish and chips -.- But then it was really good coz the chips were not those floury sticks that taste like sawdust and they didn’t coat the fish with ten layers of batter. Baby’s duck confit pasta was not bad, wasn’t really super for me maybe coz of the mushroom it had some kind of smell to it. Thanks wild boar (he calls me ham, so wild boar isn’t that bad) for the lovely lunch <3

And I spent the rest of my weekends just painting away and revarnishing some old paintings dunno why the varnish became dull after some time.

Tomorrow’s Monday and looking forward to a good week ahead coz next weekend planning a super brunch / lunch / tea / dinner with my oldest bestie who’s super busy since she’s a doctor and all and hardly get to spend time with her.


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