Partying with the pumpkin

Holy schmokes, it’s already November!

Before that, Happy Halloween!!! I spent the festive night facing spreadsheets instead of monstaaahs, missed out on partaying. Anyways, nevermind, had a consolation dinner with babyflub at WonderMama at BV1, which by the way, is an awwsherm place to makans :D

Do you know who’s this? It’s Jack Skellington and he looks like a cola vanilla liquorice stick *yummehhs* Stole this pic from baby’s FB hehe

October has been a really busy breezy month, and I’m anticipating November and December will be the same. But since the last two months of the year are mostly about festive holidays and celebrations, the feeling’s not too bad.

What’s up this month and next month – Hennessy Artistry this Saturday with babysss woohoo! My first time, haha YES I WAS SUPER ULUMAX, nevermind I am sure this event is going to be sweet! Will remember to take pictures hehe.

Then I’m looking forward to Deepavali and Muharram holiday sometime in November coz my family and I may be going somewhere naise to chillax, basically I am super happy coz I get to spend more quality time with them *happy tears*

And then Heineken Thirst on 8th Dec omg so excited sial, though I prefer Hoegaarden over Heineken any time but then Hoegaarden got no such awesome parties but never mind lah I go there to dance only :D

Finally but not really finally, Christmas and New Year’s Eve which means more partying but no plans yet I suppose. I don’t mind a quiet affair with loved ones, just eating and drinking and gaining weight playing games. But then I also don’t mind partying at ButtFact or Zoukie! One of the things that I look forward to in December is Christmas decorations in malls, they’re so pretteh! And the other thing is Christmas plays in church :)

What was up last month – went to my first rave partay (yea I know, I was ulumax) David Guetta and Alesso, omgitwassoawesomedanceuntilcandiebutstillsoshiok. The dance floor area ah, best sangat… one regret was that I didn’t take a lot of pictures! Saaaad…

Went for Butter Factory and Zouk I can’t remember when but I remembered nice alcohol and music and dancing and so much laughter but I swear I wasn’t drunk at all, then this time quite a bit of photos were taken but I was a bit red from all the drinking and excitement sure the pics all fugly one omgwtfbbq.

Then, met up with highschool friends for catch up lunch, pedicure and some shopping as per the usual girls’ activities gosh, it has been so long since our last ketchup. Then went to say hi to Steph’s parents and her old dog Lucky, and looked through old photos and Polly Pockets, ah, going down memory lane… so nostalgic *sneef*

Plus the usual breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner / drinks with my lovely RSVP minus the R who’s all the way in Norway (missjuuu so much).

Shall post up some October pictures when I have the time to look through and select naise ones haha. OK it’s time to sleep, it’s nearly 2:30AM tomorrow sure stone face.

Gute nacht!


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